Sunday, 17 May 2015

Vintage Ladder with chalk paint Dry Brush Technique

Who dosen't love a great before and after? Good wooden ladders I find hard to pass up if the price is right. Above is the after, and here is the before in the picture I saw online to purchase it

She looks a bit wonky in the before picture but luckily she was fine when I picked her up. I painted her in a dark grey/brown chalk paint, thinking she was heading into our garden, but she painted up really well and so she hung around in my studio for a while. Then I was painting with meringue ( a pure white chalk paint by CFF) on something else and she ended up being dry brushed. I have posted about this before in my blog and it is a really good technique to use if you want to add some interest to a piece, especially if it is rustic or has some raw wood detail on it.

You can see in the pictures how it uses the natural dents and flaws in a piece and highlights them as features. 

This ladder will end up in someones home now and not the garden. Perfect as a display or storage piece.

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