Saturday, 18 October 2014

Queen Anne Sideboard - what a find!

I love hunting down new pieces to refurbish and recently I found a Queen Anne sideboard in a neighbouring town,  that I just had to have. It was a great price, just right to refinish and my husband was happy ( happy might be stretching the truth. I really I mean it took some convincing, and a lunch, and me putting up with an hour of " we are nearly in Taupo" as we were driving!) to drive over with me to collect it, all the planets were aligned on this one ( so to speak).

We picked it up and took it home, some of it poking out the end of the ute all the way.

I knew I had to do her in AS Old White and initially I painted over the hardware as I could not work out how to get it off. But I hated that look, so I chiseled and pliered and managed to get all of the hardware off so I could refinish them in a black and silver metallic for a hammered look, which was worth the effort.

Here is her cat walk shot...

Scruffy before - stickers on drawers

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