Sunday, 17 August 2014

Blue and White's Alright!

I heart blue and white Chinoiserie vases. I'm not sure where my obsession  collection has really come from, but I scour garage sales and trade me for new pieces to add to my little collection. I think my mother in law loves it too as she turns up quite often with new pieces to add to my collection that she had found in the local charity shops!

Because everything I have is reclaimed and pre loved it is a unique collection. and it goes with everything, the perfect styling medium

Here are a few photos of how I use it around my home..

Valentines Day - use the vases as...Vases!

Photo Day - use blue & white to stage a furniture piece

Two beautiful miniature pieces given to me

And my other collection.....religious icons, jumps in and photos bombs too

Photo shoot props from inside the Villa

How the original collection started, only a few pieces

Blue & Whites alright for styling anytime!

Two giant vases flanking the summer fireplace

(part of) Chinoiserie collection in it's normal home 

Carla, pp villa design

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