Sunday, 3 August 2014

Chalk Paint dry brush technique

I tried a new technique with my chalk paint today. I had an old wooden ladder which I painted in a charcoal colour, with the intention of distressing.

But I had heard of the dry brush technique and thought I would give it a go. I choose a much lighter colour, Annie Sloan Paris Grey, and literally with a small dry paintbrush I put only very little paint on my brush and started brushing in a haphazard way all over the piece. It starting transforming straight away, all of the knocks and imperfections on the old ladder starting showing up, giving it a really old vintage look. I brushed it all over and that's it! It was so quick and easy.

I think the trick was using a very contrasting colour as this really bought it to life, as when it was painted all one dark colour I was not really feeling it. Great technique I will definitely be using again,
I would love to know how you have achieved great looks with this technique too.
Here are some pics....

Close up of brush marks

Before  - all one colour and no life

Carla, pp villa design

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