Wednesday, 26 August 2015

One Sideboard, Two Projects

We picked up this sideboard with excellent old coloured glass doors and not very excellent anything else. All of the handles were mismatched, the back piece was not fixed onto the base properly and the varnish was old and wearing off in places. 

In progress, painting the base, staining the top

She looks a lot prettier in this photo than what she was - photos can be deceiving, this was the purchasers photo

We decided to remove the back piece altogether but that left a gap at the back. Step in handy hubby, he took an old mirror strut we no longer required and cut it to size and fitted it to the back. I loved the old wood and sanded it all back to bare wood on the top.

One seriously shiny top

The top ended up with two coats of dark stain and a vintage wax top coat. The base was Vintage Paint in Bone China, a grey based white as I wanted to really make a feature of the gorgeous blue glass in the doors. I distressed her as she had a naturally timeworn look already and finished the body with vintage wax.

Original Hardware

The top piece is going to make me the perfect sign for the Gallery, the mirror is being made into a blackboard, the wood is being painted in Retro Blue ( my fav colour!) vintage paint and a stencil will go either side, more on that when it's finished.

Work in Progress for this sign

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