Sunday, 23 August 2015

Milk Can Up-cycle Project

I knew this  painting and up-cycling lark was catching and now I have proof!
Above is the Before of one of two milk cans that we ( hubby and myself) found at a local garage sale. They had been sitting at someones farm for years filled with water. Totally rusted out and horrible, but still distinctive.

And here is the After... 

I had them at our front door and hubby thought they would not last much longer, so he had painted them with special rust stop liquid and then black enamel paint so it stops the rusting and they can continue to decorate the front of the Villa. This was all his idea and his project.  There's proof that painting is catching, his very own up-cycling project. I think he did a great job and you will see a lot  more of these featuring as props in upcoming photos.

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