Saturday, 11 July 2015

Vintage Stencil Piecrust table with Chalk Paint

This piece started out as a sad little piecrust table on Trade Me auction site. Here is her before picture - not very inspiring is it?

Tables are not fantastic for resale but are a great project for trying new techniques and I always enjoy working on them. This one had a full pie crust around its edge which was pretty unique and it looked like it would take a stencil well. 

The original was in good condition just dirty, so I cleaned her up with water and sugar soap and then did 2.5 coats of white chalk paint, taking careful note to ensure the paint did not clog or drip around the pie crust. Then I distressed with a medium sandpaper and choose this Paris Wreath Barelycorn Vintage stencil in a French Grey and sanded back once it was dry. Completed with clear wax. I love how the stencil is muted by choosing two neutral soft colours and she looks ready for her new home now.

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