Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Chalk Paint Finished Art Deco Display Cabinet

Everyone likes these cabinets and most homes have had or do have one similar, but no-one knows what to do with these.

We hunted for one of these at the right price for a while and it didn't have to be perfect as we had a plan. Change out all the glass for chicken wire and paint it white.

Sometimes you have to change your plans and go with the flow on a project, this did have broken glass panes but the door was lovely and in perfect condition, so we kept that and pulled out the glass on the sides only. We also pulled off the back, for two reasons:
 1/ it made it easier to paint inside 
 2/ it was the only way we could get the glass out and the wire in!

She was a bit more difficult to paint than I thought, esp the inside. This one was Oak so I painted a Voodoo Molly paint sealer on it first as I did not want any bleed through from the oak and broken varnish that is was finished with. This worked a treat and I only had to do two coats of paint and one of clear wax to get this finish.

Original door and recycled knob on the front

Here she is all dressed in the Gallery.

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