Friday, 24 April 2015

Stained Top and Painted Bottom Chest

It's always good to try different looks and this is a big step away from my normal neutral and soft colour palette. The drawers were falling apart and needed some serious repair work inside to make them slide again and stay in one piece. The chest had a lovely strong grain in the timber but seemed to be made from a mix of woods. To highlight this I originally white washed it, but because of different grains and cuts it did not look right at all. Insert - it looked terrible, fail! - So I thought I would try staining the top. This was easy! I used a water based stain that I rubbed on with a cloth and let dry and deepen for a few days. I then painted the base in AS graphite. I clear waxed the entire piece and then dark waxed the painted pieces for more depth. It's a departure from my normal look but I love it, especially how it highlights the interesting grain to the top. A look I will be trying again.

I nearly forgot the before pic..

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