Saturday, 25 April 2015

Old Chiffonier and other Friday Finds

It's not technically Friday today but I had a busy Friday and posted only on Facebook. This week we have found some very old and tatty furniture that we will bring back to life soon. A lovely detailed chiffonier which is in pieces but has a great shelf and drawer. And a deco style dresser, with an unusable damaged mirror. I feel a bit sorry for them in their current states and they need serious work, but I have ideas for them already...

New tool box Giant sitting behind a Normal size

We are always on the look out for wooden totes or tool boxes and found this one on Trade me, it had no measurements listed on the auction and we didn't think to ask. We picked it up and imagine our surprise when this GIANT tool box ( the unpainted one) came out, ba ha ha !! I have put it next to one that sits on the potting bench for a size comparison in the photo. It won't be becoming a quaint little decor item that's for sure, I am thinking it make have to be re commissioned as storage in the painting studio. Any other suggestions gladly listened to.

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  1. Turn the tool box into a magazine rack. Since this was a masculine item originally, stain the handle with the wood look, and the box Gray. feminize it by putting a stencil at either end.