Friday, 16 May 2014

Oak dresser redo and sliding drawer tips

Hi Everyone, here is a sneak peek at a dresser I am painting at the moment. I heart these so much as they are beautifully made and look amazing once painted and slightly distressed, a great way to recycle a piece of furniture to continue working well in a bedroom. This one is being painted in Country Grey Annie Sloan paint and I am thinking crystal knobs at the moment, knobs are WIP ( work in progress...) I should finish it this weekend and I will upload pictures then... sometimes it is hard to remember to take before photos before it is too late, luckily I took this while I was taking pictures of something else in my studio and saved it

Oak Dresser Work in Progress

Sliding drawer Tips

I have done some research on the best way to make old drawers slide again and the best ways that work for me are the old ways. During painting a new piece I take some time to vacuum out all of the inside of the cabinet and also the outside of each drawer and where the runners sit along the side or bottom of the drawers.
I usually do some light sanding along the runners inside the cabinet to smooth them out and wax along these same runners and the outside and edges of the drawers with plain old cheap candle wax. This has always worked successfully for me and I am able to make pieces which I can honestly say "all drawers slide well". 
It may take a little extra work but it is worth it, as the piece will be easy to use.

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