Thursday, 4 February 2016

Free Chairs are Good Chairs

Friends of Friends were moving and hubby was helping them move some stuff. They were going to a smaller place and had a bunch of stuff for the dump. He spied this chair and bought it home for me, it was a bit sorry in the beginning.

She sat around for a while as it had this stick on vinyl on the seat and I had no idea how to get it off. Once I got to her I sanded and cleaned and decided for a more rustic finish in case I could not get the seat perfectly flat.

Painted up in Annie Sloan Graphite and stencil in AS Pure White, she turned out lovely.


  1. Beautiful! I have some similar old chairs and you have inspired me.

    1. Great news, I love to gather ideas for new projects from everywhere as well, Let me know how you get on, chairs can be a little fiddly sometimes!