Sunday, 21 January 2018

Online Shop Now Open

I hope everyone has caught up with family and friends over the festive season and now at the start of January you will be looking forward to a bright shiny new year streched out ahead.

I have been very busy with getting our online shop all go, Painting classes underway and Christmas and New Year, so blog posts have been lacking the last couple of months, but now we should be back on track.

Our online shop is full of Vintage Paint, Vintage Stencils, Lots of Love hearts and crosses and now a great range of furniture knobs. To visit our shop click the "SHOP" tab or this link 
Happy to post anywhere in New Zealand.

Some of our furniture knobs now available at our Gallery:

My first New Years project, piles of sewing machine drawers in soft colours

Happy projecting for 2016!!


  1. Can't wait for you to upload the finished pieces on your site. I love French designs and for some reasons your designs resonate with their designs. I love the blend of colour and design and how everything seems like a masterpiece from a be the first customer when you start selling them on your site. It was a great read for me.

    Earnest Miller @ Hotline Web Design

  2. The terms antique and vintage are very similar, relating to the term old. In the trade world these words aid in creating clearer communication when it comes to selling products. Antique suggests an item is greater than 100 years-old, whereas vintage, originally used to describe wine, has to have a clear date for it to be regarded in that term.

    Edwin @ Clicks In Motion