Thursday, 6 August 2015

French Script Stencil AND Retro Blue Vintage Paint

First Time Use - French Script stencil

Always on the hunt for Queen Anne style furniture I picked this piece up a while ago but never re-furbed it. I must have had a plan! I finally kept a French script stencil for myself and wanted to do a retro but feminine look on this tallboy.

The stencil was tricky on the top, and I had a few mishaps, but nailed it in the end

Tricky to get this on the top, but worth the fiddly work

Retro Blue in Voodoo Molly Vintage paint is my favorite colour, so it had to be painted in this. I used a good quality synthetic flat edge brush, two coats with a quick sand in between coats to keep it a smooth finish. 

No distressing ( unheard of on my pieces) and finished in a light coat of poly. This completes the look, I hope you like it

Poor Sad Before

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