Saturday, 14 June 2014

Revamped Sewing Machine Table

I think everyone has seen one of these in their time and probably knows someone who has one. The old singer sewing machines which were made as a hide away machine in a decorative table. I love them and have picked up two at different times. My first one was very worn and split in the top and sides and had some borer holes in the back panel. I pulled it all apart and destroyed the parts with holes and managed to save one side of drawers and the base. For years I have wanted a singer table but felt that the revamped ones I had seen were all the same, mainly painted black with a slab of wood put on top to create a hall table and I wanted something different.

I searched through pinterest and found pictures of some made as side tables, fully inspired I went about to create my own.

Here she is before, nice woodpile in the background!

Before - bit rusty with potential

My local DIY store had some (really expensive) metal paint that you could paint straight onto wrought iron and it stopped rust as well. So I grabbed some of that and talked to my local kitchen splash back shop and ordered some coloured glass. You can get every single colour imaginable, but I wanted a plain white with some depth to it and toughened as I knew it would be used as my table top. The paint was very hard to work with, not like my normal paint at all. Very gluggy and thick and I ruined two paintbrushes doing it as I needed two coats. But the cover was excellent and dried to a gloss satin finish, exactly what I was going for.

Here is the finished table, sitting nicely next to my couch in the lounge room.

After - perfect height next to the couch

After - lovely original details

After - Rosie taking a photo opportunity

After - toughened white painted glass top

Carla, pp villa design

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